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Grease Trap Pumping Tips

Whether your grease traps use automatic injection pumps or manual shoveling and vacuuming, maintaining your systems will save you money in the long run. Read on to learn more about grease trap pumping. This article will also cover maintenance tips for concrete interceptors and other types of grease traps. Weigh your options and find what’s right for your business. Once you’ve decided which option is best, call a professional grease trap pumping service and schedule a grease trap pumping estimate.

Proper maintenance of grease traps

Most grease traps must be cleaned at least once a year. These units must be emptied and cleaned at least once a year, depending on their size and usage. A grease trap is a container for grease, water, and other liquid waste. Keeping them clean is vital to preventing oil and grease buildup that can cause sewerage agency problems. It is important to clean grease traps as frequently as possible, but if this is impossible, a licensed grease hauler should be called in. These services will pump the traps and haul them away to an approved waste facility. Make sure to keep your contractor’s receipt, and replace any baffles and lids as needed.

Keeping water temperature below 140 degrees Fahrenheit is the most important tip for maintaining the drainage system. This will also help prevent blockages in sewer laterals and save you money on heating water. Additionally, you’ll have to pay to have clogged pipes replaced, and grease traps need to be cleaned frequently. Proper maintenance of grease traps is essential to keep drains working smoothly, and to avoid health hazards.

Maintenance of automatic injection pumps

Using an automatic injection pump to pump grease from a grease trap can be a great idea. They have a number of benefits, including ease of maintenance and no daily downtime. Automatic injection pumps are also more effective at preventing grease back-ups, which can cause clogs and overflows in a grease trap. In addition, grease injection pumps can be set up to pump bacteria into the trap, which can be beneficial for businesses that use a lot of grease.

When it comes to maintenance, the best way to avoid any issues with automatic injection pumps is to keep them stocked with spare parts and a full inventory of replacement parts. Grease traps are similar to interceptors, which use a graphic or description keyed to each element. They can prevent grease from leaving the trap and moving downstream, causing blockages. In addition, they help remove solids from wastewater, which are often deposited at the bottom of the trap and must be removed during routine grease trap cleaning.

Maintenance of manual shoveling and vacuuming

If you are maintaining a grease trap yourself, you should make sure that you are maintaining the system correctly. If you are manually shoveling and vacuuming, you should also be sure to remove all grease caps and other debris from the trap before pumping it out. You should also make sure that the sides of the trap are clean before re-filling it with water. A FOG control consultant can help you with any technical issues you may face.

When pumping grease traps, it is necessary to maintain the level of the liquid waste and grease in the trap. The depth of the liquid should not be more than 25 percent of the wastewater level. If it exceeds that level, it will be difficult to clean the trap and will be out of compliance with EPA requirements. You can also hire a plumber to remove the trap and dispose of the contents.

Maintenance of concrete interceptors

Whether you have a small or large commercial kitchen, maintenance of concrete interceptors with grease trap pump is important. Without regular pumping, these systems can clog, releasing toxic waste into public sewer lines. Failing to maintain your grease trap can result in back-ups into the kitchen and high repair bills. For this reason, proper maintenance of concrete interceptors is essential to keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently.

The proper maintenance of your concrete interceptor will keep it in top shape. Regular pumping will prevent FOG from bypassing and entering the City sewer system. You must have the trap cleaned at least every three (3) months to prevent clogging. If this pumping is not performed, the City can issue citations for failing to maintain your grease trap. In addition, you must keep a log of all pumping procedures, including the amount of grease pumped into the system.

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