Dental Implants Provide Immediate Solutions For Millions of Missing Teeth

Dental Implants are made up of a titanium screw and a ball or screw threads. A dental implant consists of two parts: the post or base and the post or root. The implant holds the root end of a tooth and the screw threads allow the implant to push the tooth forward. Dental Implants are used for teeth that need to be replaced because of disease, injury, or inability to heal properly. Dental Implants can restore function and enhance appearance in missing or broken teeth.

Dental Implants can be made from different materials including: metal, porcelain, plastic, composite, stainless steel and titanium. An implant can be fixed into a single tooth or a series of teeth depending on the needs of the patient. Some dental implants may need surgery. Dental Implants may be used to restore functions like chewing, speaking, seeing, hearing, filling and other normal activities.

Dental Implants are one of the most common procedures used by dentists today. They have helped many patients restore their ability to eat, drink and speak normally. When used in conjunction with other procedures like dentures and bridges, Dental Implants can help patients prevent bone loss. Dental Implants may even provide lower cost treatments for some conditions because they don’t require sutures and are generally less painful than other dental procedures.

To place Dental Implants, a dentist will take x-rays of your mouth and create a mold of your mouth. Next, the dentist will place a titanium screw, called an anode, behind the crown or on top of the gum. The anode will keep the titanium screw positioned through the healing process and it will be attached to the bone by small enough hooks that the patient can’t be pierced or cut. The anode is designed to be removed once the tooth heals. Once the anode is removed, a temporary crown can then be placed on the tooth to protect it from infection.

Dental Implants are the most permanent and best solution for missing teeth. One or two dental implants are placed in each tooth to bring your jaw and head in the right position. You’ll be able to eat, chew and speak normally with Dental Implants and you won’t need any more oral surgery to achieve the look and comfort you want.

Dental Implants can last a lifetime if you choose the right procedure and oral surgeon. However, if you have one or more broken teeth, your dentist may recommend that you wear a removable inlay for the rest of your life. A removable inlay is similar to a false tooth, except it’s made to fit into your existing teeth. Dentists can place single prosthetic teeth into your remaining natural tooth root, but for a more permanent solution, single crowns are often used.

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