How to Tell If Your Home Has Natural Gas Leaks

Whether you are a residential property owner, property management tenant, and/or landlord, then you are ultimately responsible for keeping all non-customer-owned gas pipelines on your side of the meter in good shape. Customer-owned natural gas pipelines include all pipe that goes from your main gas meter to your individual appliances on your property, to the hot water heater. Your responsibility includes the maintenance of these types of gas pipelines. It is important to note, however, that if your system is producing excessive amounts of carbon monoxide (CO) within your gas pipeline, it is highly recommended that you have your existing gas line(s) checked and serviced by an experienced professional prior to beginning any type of repairs.

If you are having problems with a leaking gas line, the first step to take is to isolate the location of the problem. A good way to determine the location of a gas leak is by using an electrician’s crowbar and knocking down any surrounding pipe obstructions. If your plumbing system includes separate fixtures such as a sink, tub, or garbage disposal unit, they should be removed and checked for leaks. You may also want to use a flashlight to see the inside of any drains or pipes.

Next, you will need to obtain the proper tools and supplies for gas line repair or replacement. Gas technicians are usually certified by a gas company before they can work on gas line installations. Gas technicians may also be licensed by state licensing boards. Before you begin any repairs, you should contact the proper regulatory agency for your state and be sure that you are dealing with a licensed technician. Gas technicians that are not properly trained can damage or even kill your gas system. To be safe, contact a local gas company if you are unsure of whether or not the technicians you have called are properly trained.

In addition to using qualified technicians for gas line repairs or replacements, you should also use experienced technicians for any other plumbing repairs that you have. It is especially important that you use experienced technicians for large plumbing jobs. Experienced technicians can locate any problem that most people would overlook. For example, if you have a bathtub drain but no hot water tank, most people would not think much of it until they realize that the hot water tank is leaking. Experienced plumbers have the tools, knowledge, and training necessary to repair or replace gas lines, plumbing fixtures, and drainage systems without causing any damage.

Even if you have gas lines in your home, you should be wary of any leaking that occurs because it could be a sign of a much larger problem. For example, you should never disregard a gas leak because it smells or even sounds. You should call a gas company as soon as possible in order to have the problem repaired. Leaks in gas lines are relatively easy to find because they usually only require one tool to identify the source and shut off the gas. A faulty gas meter can also be easily identified because it will often show a constant low or high if you know how to read it. If you notice any of these symptoms, call a licensed gas line company as soon as possible.

One of the most common signs of a natural gas leak is a small hissing or crackling noise when the gas escapes from the pipe. Some homeowners confuse hissing or crackling noise with the sound of water dripping from a tap. Unfortunately, a natural gas leak often causes severe damage to your roof and home’s foundation. In addition to calling a professional for gas line repairs or replacements, you should also check under sinks, around tubs and sinks, in crawlspaces and basements, and on landscaping bushes.

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